Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal for the design of the Hoosier Logistics website.  Working together, I believe we can create a dynamic website that is simple to navigate and has a professional, yet modern and welcoming design.  After reviewing your current website, I have identified and listed below the Needs and Solutions that we will want to address in this project.



A business’s website weights significantly on potential clients, future employees, etc when it comes to deciding whether or not they’re going to do business with you or apply for an open position.  Hoosier Logistics needs a website redesign to modernize its presence on the web. The site design will be built to reach out to prospective clients and employees, as well as be easy and straightforward to navigate.  Hoosier Logistics needs a website that competes with its competitors.  Most of your competition have modern, functional websites that are easy to navigate and contain a lot of content.  With a professional redesign, revenue will increase because your website will display that Hoosier Logistics is a modern company.  Just getting a few additional clients because of this redesign will more than pay for your new website!



I will provide Hoosier Logistics with a fresh new web design that is easy to navigate.  The design will also convey that Hoosier Logistics is a modern up and coming company.  The design will integrate a modern style so it will maintain a familiar look to current clients, but will at the same time show them that Hoosier Logistics is improving its web presence in order to serve them better.


Website Organization

The new design will have 10-20 main landing pages:  These 10-20 main pages will be “hardwired” into the new design and links to most of them will appear in the menu bar at the top of the page.



Preliminary Design

• Working in conjunction with Hoosier Logistics, I will design a custom template based on the needs we have discussed. Once the template is approved, I can begin getting it ready for initial design and content setup. The preliminary design concept for the new website will include the basic layout, color palette, font choices, etc.

• Hoosier Logistics will need to provide any basic website content they want included prior to initial design beginning. Content can be the biggest roadblock in finishing a website in the time projected, which is why copywriting is included in my fee.

• Generally clients will gather existing materials (pamphlets, forms, papers, photographs) and ready them for the site. The content is then parsed out into individual web pages and assembled in a hierarchy which is easy to understand and to navigate. Site content is added to pages which have a consistent theme and look in terms of headers, footers and custom accent graphics, like buttons, bullets and more.

Once we complete our initial review of the website, the copy can be added to or changed as needed.


Initial Design Review

Once the initial design is ready for review, I will setup a meeting to go over the website with a representative of Hoosier Logistics. In this review, we will go through the site page by page and notes will be taken regarding any edits, changes or additions we discuss.


Second / Final Design Review

Once the changes and edits have been made to the website, I will setup another meeting to go over the website with a representative of Hoosier Logistics. In this review, we will once again go through the site page by page and notes will be taken regarding any edits, changes or additions we discuss.

At this time, based on the changes discussed, we will decide if we are in need of a third review or if we are close enough to begin getting the site ready to go live.



When Hoosier Logistics has finished incorporating all the content they wish to have at launch, they will ask me to make the site go live…Congratulations!




Website Design and Setup

• work with client to create a custom website interface – layout, colors, and fonts

• set up website architecture and navigation system

• implement nameplate/logo placement and design


Enhance Website Graphics, Functionality & Security

• customize website to tailor to both the prospective and current client, with less clicks to get where they are trying to go.

• update website content that is provided, both new and from current website, create content where needed and create menu items based on navigation layout.

• add high resolution images and custom graphics based on the intended audience to make the website more appealing to the user

• custom wordpress theme

• wordpress installation/set-up/configuration

• installation and configuration of the custom theme

• minor theme customization including color adjustment, font changes

• layout of up to 20 pages of content (you provide the content or we can write for an additional fee) copywriting is included in this projects fee.

• set up of contact forms and employment application form

• site security and launch

• daily software updates & backups (requires service plan)


Additional Components

• set up a Gmail account to link directly to Google Analytics to allow the ability to monitor traffic and retrieve analytic statistics. (if requested)

• integration of social media in the website through multiple channels – ability for facebook, instagram, linkedin and more- includes custom facebook cover photo

• We prefer that the website is hosted with us but can be hosted elsewhere if client wishes. (additional fee if hosted with us)




Web Hosting

We can provide you with fast and secure hosting for your new web site.

• Business Web Hosting — $50/month


Website Maintenance

Having a Maintenance Plan for your WordPress website is like having a personal on-call web master. We’ll handle all of your updates, edits, image changes, and troubleshooting for you so that you won’t have to.

If you don’t like making updates or don’t know how, a website maintenance plan is a time saver & a stress reliever.

WEBSITE DESIGN COST............$6000


Best for Active Websites Focused on Growing
DAILY Updates & Backups
$ 4500 Yearly
  • Priority Support
  • Software (+ E-Commerce) Updates
  • Update WordPress Version
  • Update WordPress Plugins
  • Daily Off-Site Backup of Website
  • Uptime & Security Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization
  • Detailed Monthly Report
  • As Needed Support
  • Minor Site Changes, Site Updates, Etc*
  • Email Support & Consulting Calls
  • SEO Audit / SEO Tool Installation
  • SEO Optimization